Pallet buyers and pallet recycling: sell your used wood and plastic pallets to Direct Supply

Pallet Recycling and Buy Back

  • Get paid for your old pallets
  • Clear out warehouse space
  • Eliminate safety concerns
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

As pallet buyers, Direct Supply can purchase your surplus or no longer needed wood or plastic pallets. As one of the leading pallet suppliers in the area, we are actively looking to increase our used pallet inventory to help our customers affordably fulfill their shipping needs. We can help you recycle your used pallets and put them to good use so you can increase the efficiency of your space.

How Our Pallet Recycling Process Works:

  1. Direct Supply will buy back your used wood or plastic pallets.
  2. Call us (630-345-3913) or fill out the contact form below with details in order to get a quote. Be ready to share how many pallets you’re looking to sell, if they are wooden pallets or plastic, the condition of the pallets, their size, your location, as well as any other pertinent information. This information will help Direct Supply provide an accurate estimate of how much those pallets are worth and what price will be fair for them. We will buy back most common pallet sizes, as well as odd sizes and custom pallets.
  3. If your company is located in our service area, Direct Supply offers a dropped trailer program. We will drop trailers at your business and you can load the scrap pallets into the trailer for delivery to Direct Supply. By coming to you, we make it even easier for you to get rid of those unwanted pallets!
  4. After we receive your old pallets, they are thoroughly inspected and reconditioned, repairing or replacing any broken or unstable components.
  5. They are then made available for sale through our used pallet program!

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Why Choose a Pallet Recycling Service?

Bring money into your company

Maybe you overestimated how many pallets your company needed or maybe you no longer need as many as you did in the past. By selling them to Direct Supply, or a pallet company near you, you can recoup some of the cost of your initial investment. We offer fair market price for pallets that can be repaired and resold.

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Direct Supply offers attractive rates for your company’s pallets

Be sure you’re getting the best price for your pallets – whether they’re standard or custom sized pallets – by consulting with us first! We offer some of the most competitive pallet buy back rates in the Chicagoland area. If you live outside this area, visit the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association for resources to find a pallet recycler near you.

Clear out space

Perhaps you receive regular product shipments on pallets and you’ve accumulated a stockpile of them that are starting to crowd your warehouse. Holding onto them isn’t doing your company any favors, especially since you could be using that space for something that helps your business bring in more revenue.

Safety concerns

Not only are they taking up space, they may begin to rot and breakdown, exposing rusty nails and splintered wood. This makes old, unused pallets not only a physical hazard, but a potential health hazard as well.

Environmentally friendly

Many consumers are excited to work with businesses that make the effort to “go green.” As one of the “Three R’s of Recycling” (reduce, reuse, recycle), selling your used pallets back to a pallet buyer allows others to reuse that pallet without requiring additional forestry resources. Let your customers know that your company is helping the environment by taking part in a sustainable pallet recycling program.

Is Pallet Recycling Free?

Yes, pallet recycling is free. If you are getting rid of pallets that can be refurbished and reused, we’ll even pay you for them. However, certain pallets made from non-wood materials that have a more involved recycling process, you may be charged a disposal fee.

Find a Pallet Recycler Near Me

Learn more about buying recycled pallets.

Take advantage of Direct Supply’s pallet recycling program and pallet removal service! 1 Call, 1 Solution: Your 1 Source for Quality Pallets, Packaging, and More. Contact our pallet company in South Elgin, IL today!

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